French Hotel Pillowcases

by - July 06, 2012

I'm melting.  I'm melting...No kidding.  It is seriously hot as you know what here.  I have a bunch of makeovers planned but I just can't spray paint in this heat.  =(  So I've been doing some indoor projects.  I made these French hotel pillowcases yesterday.  Excuse the awful photos:

Ignore the paint on my bedroom wall.  My husband has exactly three weeks to paint it before my sons' birthday party.  Anywho back to the pillowcases.  I printed this great French hotel image I bought off of Etsy onto transfer paper.  I was desperate so I used the Target brand.  Not the best but it will do.
I just ironed them onto each pillowcase (which I got at Walmart).  I wish now that I had done a better job cutting around the graphic.  Too late now and I have absolutely no shame in sharing some imperfect projects.  And there is always next time.

This cost me about $10 for the pillowcases and transfer paper.  A quick, easy way to update a boring white case.


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  1. Love your sweet pillow cases. Those transfers can be tricky but I think yours look good. Love the idea too.


  2. That's a great graphic you've used there :-) Very elegant design for some pillowcases. You'll find if you give them a wash, that the stiff, starchy-ness left by the transfer paper will soften up :-)
    Thank you for sharing with us!


  3. Target makes transfer paper? Have I been under a rock?

  4. Great image! It was a heat index of 110 here yesterday; 103 today. No rain for weeks! Even with the AC on the house temp reads 76.

  5. It is amazingly hot! Yesterday it was 108 degrees here....yikes! The pillow cases are wonderful!


  6. hi there,
    Your pillow cases are amazing, the graphic is very nice too. I have to give it a try.
    Have a wonderful weekend

  7. These turned out great - cute graphic, too! It has been too, too hot here, too, but today is sunny and breezy - I could finally open the windows and turn off the AC! Enjoy your day!


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