"Redneck" Wine Glass

by - July 10, 2012

I went to my local Michael's over the weekend and nearly died laughing when I saw what they were calling a redneck wine glass!  They glued a mason jar to a candlestick:

They added some red paint and affectionately called it a redneck wine glass.  As luck would have it, I had a dollar store candlestick and a mason jar available, so I made one.
I'm using mine to hold my hydrangeas - not wine.
So simple to make.  You just need a candlestick, mason jar and E6000 or similar glue.  And some wine...=)


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  1. I only just saw these at a little shop a few weeks ago. Very funny! Yours turned out super cute!! ~ Jamie

  2. Beautiful flowers. That has to be heavy to drink from.
    I will stick to a good old glass.


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