Updated Estate Sale Frame

by - September 20, 2012

I found this frame at an estate sale a couple of months ago.  At first, I was going to paint it white but the blue hue kind of grew on me.  It's kind of a weird, long size so I wasn't sure what to do with it.  Finally, I decided to make it into a chalkboard frame.

I attached some self-sticking chalkboard paper to a cardboard insert.  I simply slipped it in the slots.  There was a little gap on top so I just painted a wood piece black and glued it on the back.  You can probably notice it at the top.  I can live with it though!
I still felt it was missing a little something so I added the keyhole.  You can really notice the wood piece now but overall, I'm pretty happy with this quick update and even happier that fall starts officially in two more days!


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  1. Very pretty ~ love the blue, love the shape!

    {All the wood flooring we did came from Lumber Liquidators}.

  2. What a great idea! I see those frames all the time in the thrift store...and never thought of a chalkboard! Thanks for the inspiration! Good luck in my giveaway!


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