Pick Your Poison

by - September 27, 2012

Remember this bottle carrier I picked up at Goodwill a few weeks ago?!  I gave it a spooky twist earlier this week.

The creepy labels are actually from the Martha Stewart Living special edition Halloween issue.  Just scan them to your printer and print out.  I did mine on label paper, so I only had to cut, peel and stick.

The striped straws are from Etsy.  I just love them!  I picked up the pencils from Michael's last year and never got to use them for Halloween, so I added them to some of the bottles.

The cute little Trick or Treat pendant is also from Etsy. 

I really love how it came out and it fits nicely on my counter top.  I'm sure I'll add some ghoulish treats closer to Halloween.


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  1. Such a cute way to use the bottles and the carrier. I love those straws.

  2. Nice twist with the carrier. You're so creative.

  3. How freakin' cute is this?! Love everything about it, but you must have some treats, even if you have to replace them a few times between now and Halloween!


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