Parchment Paper Valentine's Day Sack

by - February 09, 2014

I found a neat pin on Pinterest showing you how to make your own parchment paper sack.  I'm a huge fan of glassine sacks, but wanted to try something different.  

Since I have a large stash of this clear paper (I can't recall if it's tracing paper or parchment paper since I tossed the packaging ages ago), I broke out a few sheets yesterday to make some pretty Valentine's Day sacks.
I folded the paper in half and then glued the sides together with one edge overlapping slightly.  Then I cut off the edges on the bottom, folded it up and glued to the back.  This closes up your sack.
Then I got busy hand-stamping the LOVE on the front and adding some sweet nothings to it.  I also added some faux pearl embellishments and tea-stained seam binding.  It's filled with Scrabble letters and...
Romeo & Juliet book paper, a vintage Valentine's Day card, hand-stamped Je t'aime carnival tags and some LOVE muslin ribbon.

These would work for so many holidays.  I'm actually already envisioning some for Easter.

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  1. Your bag is adorable! Such a fun idea, and you are right, it would work for so many holidays. I think they would be perfect also for baby and bridal shower favors!

  2. What a great idea! Yours turned out so pretty!!


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