Thrift Store Finds

by - October 03, 2014

Not exactly a banner day at our local church thrift store, but I did score a few pieces for $5.

I needed a pie plate so the large one is going to be used the ol' fashioned way: to make pies.  The other one I'm painting white. The bag is holding a nice batch of vintage white lace.  I can't seem to pass up vintage lace.
These wood candlesticks are also getting a white spray paint makeover.
I'm really hoping I can clean up this slate chalkboard.  This is the back.  I imagine a small child thought crayons would wipe off like chalk. Um, no.  I'm going to do some research to find out how to remove it.  If anyone has any tips on how to remove it or clean it up, please do pass them on!


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  1. Don't laugh, Jeanine, but WD-40 should clean the crayon right off without damaging the board. I used it when the kids were little. xo diana

  2. The lace is great. I need to find some lace and pretty bits to decorate an organizer I got.

  3. It might be easier to spray the board with a new coat of chalkboard paint!! I love those candlesticks (you know that I would paint them in checks and stripes !!)


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