Twelve Days of Christmas

by - October 22, 2014

I know many of you also have Etsy shops, so I'm sure I'm not alone when I say, I am already starting on Christmas projects.  Yes, Christmas.

It probably doesn't help either that my Pinterest pages seem to have been hijacked by Christmas.  Still, it puts me in a festive mood and the early bird does get the worm.
These are some Twelve Days of Christmas advent bags I made for my boys.  I hand-stamped each with random Xmas images and numbers.
These wood pins are going into my Etsy.
I hand-stamped various Christmas phrases on them.  Cute for hanging Xmas cards or decorations.

I have a bunch more holiday projects in the works, but want to work on stocking up my Etsy before the madness truly sets in.

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  1. Love the bags and clothespins. I made an advent calendar for my daughter and her friend a couple of years ago, they really loved them so I think I'll do another this year.

    I have etsy shops too so I know what you mean about already starting on Christmas! :o)


  2. Everything looks great. I kinda jumped right over Fall. I'm working on Christmas too. It's coming up really quick.

  3. Your creations are wonderful. I am working on Christmas too. It will be here sooner then we think!!
    Have fun!

  4. The bags are such a great idea for an Advent calendar option.


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