White Wednesday

by - October 08, 2014

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A quick makeover of a canister I found at Goodwill.  It perfectly matches other vintage canisters that I have.
I think it once housed a candle because I do see some residue on the inside.  For 99 cents, though, I can overlook it.
I made the sticker using this great image from the Graphics Fairy.  I still have to smooth out some of the air bubbles on the sticker. Otherwise, I love it.


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  1. Oh- I love that! That graphic is perfect on it and it looks like a really "old" piece. xo Diana

  2. LOVE IT, I never thought to add a sticker as you've done, it works!!

  3. Love the canister you found and adding the vintage style sticker is perfect. You find the best stuff.
    Have a great day!!

  4. Very pretty! Our Goodwill never has stuff like this:(


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