Halloween Tea Towel

by - August 05, 2015

And so it begins...

I checked some posts from this time last year and wouldn't you know it, like clockwork, I started some Halloween projects.  This skull tea towel is my first of the season.
I used some muslin and pre-made ruffle trim that I picked up last month at Hobby Lobby.  The image is from The Graphics Fairy and is one of my faves for Halloween.
First, I used TAP paper to transfer my image onto the muslin. Once that cooled, I sewed the ruffle trim to the bottom of the front panel of my towel.

I love that it's creepy and feminine all at once.


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  1. Nothing like something creepy AND feminine. Sounds like the way my grandkids might describe me! lol xo Diana
    ps. It is very cute!

  2. Nicely done!

    A little early for me; I'm already dreading the end of Summer.

  3. Well I can see what fun you're having! October is just a hop away, really. Adorable!

  4. This is Charming! Love the juxtaposition of the ruffles and the skull image. Nice work.


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