~fun with elf on the shelf~

by - November 25, 2018

This is probably the last year we'll be doing Elf on the Shelf.  My 11 year old still believes (or at least we think he still does!) in Santa and the Elf, but I get the feeling by this time next year, he won't.  It makes me very sad, so I decided to step up my game this year and go full on Elf on the Shelf!
Our first night wasn't incredibly creative, but I still loved using this vintage Scrabble game.  Milo is our elf and his reindeer sidekick is Otis.  
They spelled out I'm Back and Be Good.  Last night, however, I pulled out all the stops and went a bit old school.
Meet deejay Milo!  He's spinning those freestyle jams.
I had a lot of fun with this one as you can probably tell.  Everything I used is from the house.  Skylander portals served as my record players.  Legos held up the disco ball.  And a host of characters made it onto the dance floor.
When I woke up this morning, my son said, "Milo is having a dance party in the kitchen."  It was too cute!

I've got about 20 other ideas floating around in my head.  We need 30 - yikes!  Wish me luck on coming up with 10 more and stay tuned as I have a cute one planned for tonight as well!


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