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by - April 16, 2024

If you've been wondering where I've been and what I've been up to, there is no easy answer.  Yes, I'm still here, but I'm going through a bit of a blogging transition.
Do you ever feel like you've successfully completed all of your projects and just don't feel like starting a new one?  Or that blogging is taking up way too much of your time?  That's precisely where I'm at.
I'm not sure if the creative juices have temporarily dried up or if I'm just satisfied with everything I've sanded, painted, hand-stamped, upcycled, etc.

I'm ready for the next chapter - whatever it may be.  I'll still continue to thrift shop and do a project here and there, but I suspect moving forward my blog will be more focused on ways to save money and life lessons I've learned along the way: two things near and dear to my heart.

I hope you'll join me on this new journey.  If not, I understand.  You can still find me on Instagram and Pinterest, where my past projects continue to live on.


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  1. Saving money is a good topic right now things are so expensive! I have so many home things I want to paint and do up a bit now for the energy


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