Goodwill Makeovers

by - November 13, 2011

I popped into my local Goodwill earlier this week and came back with a lot of goodies:

The bucket was only 99 cents. 
The candle holder was $6.99 - pretty pricey for Goodwill but I couldn't resist considering it came from Target where it was probably originally double the price.  I also got 5 little bottles that I plan to embellish.  First makeover is the bucket:
Can you tell I ran out of white spray paint?!  I had originally wanted to paint it white but I just ran out of it, so plan B of course was to paint it black.  Then I stenciled the 8 onto to some scrap fabric with a fabric marker.  Once that was dry, I sewed it onto a piece of burlap.  Hot glue to the front and done!  Right now it's holding some of my French script clothes pins.

Next up is the candle holder which I really didn't do too much to except that I added some of my hand-stamped joyeux noel candles.
I think it's going to look stunning on my Xmas table!
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