Thrift Store Ice Skates

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Although I haven't been ice skating in years and was never quite good at it, I do love the look of them in the wintertime.  This is a pair I did a couple of years ago when I first started blogging.  I had spied a similar pair in Romantic Homes and did a copycat you might remember from my old blog One Cheap B*tch:

Some of the glitter on the blades has started to wear off but I do still love the fur cuffs! 
I bought another pair of old skates from the church thrift store a couple of weeks ago.  They sat and sat until this week when Jill from The French Cupboard shared her French-inspired skates.  It was just the little nudge I needed to get started on this latest pair of skates.  Problem was they were in pretty bad shape so I had to spray paint them - the whole boot, blade and all.  Here is one of them now:
I love how Jill used twine to lace hers, and as luck would have it I had some, what I like to call, candy cane twine from Ikea.  I used that to lace them up.
I tied a Joyeux Noel coffee tag around the front of the boot, and stuffed some tissue paper in the top since I didn't want to use fur again.  Then I added some random Xmas balls and faux branches, pine cones and berries from the Dollar Store on top.
Meanwhile, this is the other boot - patiently awaiting its complete makeover.  =)

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