Two Little Lovebirds

by - 12:29 PM

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  I can't believe how fast it came and went.  Today was so dreary here that me and the kids actually started taking some decorations down.  Then we hit Target for some lights for next year.  Somehow I came home with two of these pretties:

Yup, Target already has some Valentine's Day items out.  So of course that made me start working on a Valentine's Day windowsill for the kitchen.

The pink glasses are actually candle holders from Ikea that I picked up last year.
And some of the reds that I had out for Christmas, I keep out for Valentine's Day.  How cute is that little heart pen?  In the dollar aisle!

My husband thinks I'm crazy but when in Rome, right?!  Besides, Target started it - not me!


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