Thrift Store Goodies

by - May 11, 2012

I popped into Unique Thrift Stores again.  I didn't have the boys with me so I was able to slowly go up and down each aisle and examine everything.  I spent about $10 and got these goodies that I will hopefully be transforming this weekend - weather permitting:

I love the little wood stand.  They had two but the other one was a bit wobbly.  Can't you just envision it in white chippy paint with a fabulous French graphic on top?
It's the perfect size for a stack of books!
The wood cutting board and shadow box I couldn't resist.  And I really love this wood carry-all (?!  Not really sure what to call it!).  Definitely going to get some coats of spray paint and I'm thinking of stenciling something vintage-y on it.
These little frames were $1.41 for all three.  I don't love the floral one - I mainly got them for the other two small ones which have a fleur de lis motif on them.

Here's to hoping I can get a dent in these over the weekend!


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