My Adventures at Brooklyn Flea

by - 5:00 AM

Yesterday was an absolute perfect day to hit Brooklyn Flea.  It was our first time ever going and on Saturdays it's located in the Fort Greene section of Brooklyn.  I am originally from Flatbush but I was way too young when we moved to remember where in the world Fort Greene was.  Thanks to GPS we found it!  Hold onto your hats!

This was definitely a junkin' lover's dream.  Checkout that vintage scale on the ladder. 
Love the barn stars and olive baskets!
We loved seeing all of the vintage treasures but I have to say, as expected, it was a bit pricey.  The apothecary bottles on this table alone ranged from $30-$75.  What?!
Checkout all of those suitcases!
My boys!
The best part of the whole experience, I think we all agreed, was the food!  They had every type of food you can imagine - not your usual festival fare.  We ate Indian, Greek, Japanese and then some. 

Unfortunately, I didn't buy much else.  I picked up a mason jar soap dispenser and a vintage target practice poster.  I'll show that find in another post because it really is quite unique.  My 7 year old got an electronic chess game - similar to one I had when I was little - for $5.

Brooklyn Flea runs until November and we're hoping to hit the Williamsburg one before they close for the season.


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