My Adventures at Brooklyn Flea

by - October 07, 2012

Yesterday was an absolute perfect day to hit Brooklyn Flea.  It was our first time ever going and on Saturdays it's located in the Fort Greene section of Brooklyn.  I am originally from Flatbush but I was way too young when we moved to remember where in the world Fort Greene was.  Thanks to GPS we found it!  Hold onto your hats!

This was definitely a junkin' lover's dream.  Checkout that vintage scale on the ladder. 
Love the barn stars and olive baskets!
We loved seeing all of the vintage treasures but I have to say, as expected, it was a bit pricey.  The apothecary bottles on this table alone ranged from $30-$75.  What?!
Checkout all of those suitcases!
My boys!
The best part of the whole experience, I think we all agreed, was the food!  They had every type of food you can imagine - not your usual festival fare.  We ate Indian, Greek, Japanese and then some. 

Unfortunately, I didn't buy much else.  I picked up a mason jar soap dispenser and a vintage target practice poster.  I'll show that find in another post because it really is quite unique.  My 7 year old got an electronic chess game - similar to one I had when I was little - for $5.

Brooklyn Flea runs until November and we're hoping to hit the Williamsburg one before they close for the season.


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