Holy Moly Holiday Garage Sale Stuff

by - October 21, 2012

I hit a few garage sales and the local church country fair Saturday morning.  I hadn't intended on it, but I came home with a ton of great Xmas stuff!  Super cheap too - just the way I like it.

This candleholder needs to be cleaned up a bit.  I may paint it white, but I definitely want to keep the faux berries.  This was $1.  The little snowman ornaments were also $1 for the set.  I'm going to write each of our names on them for the tree this year.
The wood Santa and snowman were $3 each.  The original price tag said $19.99 for EACH.  Score!  The little cloche was $4.  I didn't buy it for the tree part, I bought it because I've been searching for cloches and can't seem to find one I like under $25.  It'll be the first thing to get a makeover this week.
The little trees with the bows were $1 each.  I want to have a tree or two in every room in the house this Xmas.  It's my goal every year but it never seems to happen.  This year I'm determined.
Last up, I did score some Halloween goodies too.  These candy corn ceramic bowls were $1 each.  I also got some ceramic pumpkin candleholders - also $1 each, random lace and fabric, and of course a few things for the kiddies.  Overall, I spent about $20 for everything.


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  1. Sounds like a treasure trove of a day! You got some nice things and the total outlay makes it even better.

  2. I love the little cloche..good score!
    It would be great on a fireplace mantle (mine!)
    Now I'm gonna have to search for one...enjoy!

  3. really good finds can't wait to see you work your majic on them.

  4. I'd say you stretched your twenty dollars pretty good. Those candy corn dishes are so cute.


  5. Oh I really wish we could buy those ceramic candy corn dishes in the UK! They are gorgeous, you have the best Halloween products, its not fair that I am so far away. Michelle xx


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