Thrifty Tray Makeover

by - 4:00 AM

I picked up this petite wood tray last week at our local church thrift store.  Since it was a bit mild here over the weekend, I was able to give it a couple of coats of white spray paint.  I really struggled trying to figure out what I wanted to do with it.

I didn't want to Mod Podge an image on the sides since they are so skinny.  Instead, I opted for the faux French enamel number tag.  I think it fits quite nicely on the front.  Simple.
I added some vintage sheet music to the bottom of the tray.  Not sure if you can see it tucked in there under the clothes pins.
Then I just added some random pieces to make a sweet French vignette of sorts.  One of my embellished bottles.  A religious pendant on the clothes pins.  A faux pocket watch.  French address tags (image from The Graphics Fairy).  Old dice and a spool with French book paper.
It's on a corner of the kitchen counter that is always begging for something pretty to be added.  Since it's so petite, it fits quite nicely and really doesn't take up much space.


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