Romeo & Juliet Match Boxes

by - January 13, 2013

Another dreary weekend in our neck of the woods.  Not very conducive in the inspiration department.  I broke out the last of my Dollar Store match boxes and gave them a quick Valentine's Day spin using some vintage Romeo & Juliet book paper.

My mother would kill me if she saw how I tear apart books but sometimes I just can't resist.
I cut each page to fit the size of the match boxes.  Then I used some regular craft glue - the kind my boys use at school - and glued the pages onto each box. 
Then I added some random heart stamps, je t'aime, lace and a button.  Simple and sweet.  My favorite is the one with the pierrot image from the Graphics Fairy.  I've used it in several Valentine's Day projects as you probably noticed.

Rain again for tomorrow.  I'm hoping something, anything will get my creative juices flowing again.


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