Valentine's Day Banners

by - January 02, 2013

The Xmas decorations are tucked away and a new year has begun.  Valentine's Day is just a few weeks away and I can already feel the love!  It's been bitterly cold here - the perfect weather for staying indoors and crafting.  I whipped up two banners over the weekend that I plan to use for Valentine's Day.

This sweet Marie Antoinette image is from Etsy.  I've used it in several projects and never tire of it.  For the banner, I printed it out on cardstock, punched some holes at the top of each card and slipped through some tea-stained seam binding so it could be hung.
I added some pink glitter around the edges of each card.  A faux pearl is the cherry on top of the cake.  Next up is this LOVE banner I made using some vintage Romeo & Juliet book paper.
This is the same font I used for my Xmas NOEL banner.  It was a little tricky lining up each letter on the paper, but I think I have it mastered now.  Again, I punched some holes at the tops of each page so I could add my tea-stained seam binding.
I just love the vintage lettering, don't you?  I'll be using it again for a Pottery Barn knock-off project this week.


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  1. Cute banners! Love the lettering on the second one. I just did LOVE mini pillows and the L had that font to it {each letter had a different font}. Good for you being all cleaned up already. I plan on starting tomorrow. I was up way too early to go to the airport this morning, so all I'll be doing is napping today!

  2. These are both wonderful Valentine banners! You are on the ball! Valentine's is such a short decorating time of year.

  3. Your banners are so cute, Jeanine! I especially love Marie, tres chic! And you did a great job lining the letters up on the book pages. i love that look, but I think it would take me forever to get them positioned just right! I'm ready to start Valentine crafting, too:)

  4. Love these! I need to get going on some Valentine decorations myself - thanks for the inspiration :)


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