Goodwill Finds

by - January 25, 2013

I was super excited to find out that a brand new Goodwill opened up just 2 minutes from my house!  The ribbon-cutting was on Wednesday, and I popped in on Thursday.  It was nice and clean but way too early for any real treasures.  A lot of Target cast-offs but I did manage to find this sweet pedestal bowl:

Not sure if you can see the etching on the sides.
I couldn't get a really great shot because of the glare but this one is a little better.  Here it is now with some candy hearts for Valentine's Day.
I also picked up these great vintage salt and pepper glass shakers.
Still trying to decide on whether or not to keep them or list them in my Etsy shop.  Decisions, decisions...As for the store, I give it another week or two before people start making more donations and I'll be back to find more goodies!  It's going to be hard not to stop in there every week.


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  1. Great finds! Our good wills around here have not really had much of anything lately. Waiting for seasons change, and the inventory will change too. Have a super weekend!:)


  2. Love the pedestal bowl! That's great ~ hopefully they will get some donations in soon.

  3. It's always exciting to find a new place to shop....especially when it's so close to home! Love those salt and pepper shakers!!

  4. How lucky for you to have the new store so close ~ makes it easy to pop in once a week (or twice)!!

  5. wonderful finds.
    OK, I'm catching up will keep looking...

    be blessed



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