Playing Dress Up

by - March 05, 2013

I just love dress forms, don't you?!  I have about 20 in the house of varying sizes.  Some are fabric; some are metal.  I think I have one in just about every room in the house.  Here is my newest one:

Someone posted a lovely dress form template on Pinterest.  I used it to make this cardstock tag that measures a little under 8.5" x 11".  First, I printed it out onto regular white paper.  Then I cut it out to use as my template.  I printed out the French script onto #80 cardstock and then traced the dress form cut-out onto the cardstock.
After I cut it out, I had the perfect dress form "canvas" to work with.  I used some ruffle fabric to make her dress.  At the top of the ruffles, I added some vintage lace for the "belt" and topped it off with a hand-stamped button which also has French script on it.
I added some rhinestones for a faux necklace of sorts.  Use a hole puncher to pop a hole in the top and add some twine to hang.

Isn't she sweet?


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  1. Very pretty! Love the ruffles.

    We are getting that snow storm first. It is supposed to start here this afternoon and go into tomorrow. Not looking forward to about 8 inches of snow, but by Saturday it's supposed to be in the 50's. It's crazy.

  2. Yes, she's quite sweet. We're getting slammed with snow right now. Continuing till midnight. It's an inside kinda day.


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