Pottery Barn Clipboards Knock-Off

by - March 26, 2013

When the new Pottery Barn catalog arrived over the weekend, I couldn't help but notice the nautical-inspired clipboards on page 58.

Of course the entire room is my dream office, but I also really love the clipboard idea so I did a quick copycat.
These are hanging out on a bookshelf until I can figure out where I want to hang them.  I have a few more to work on.  I just added some white paint, starfish and nautical photos to them like in the catalog picture.  The black one, I added to break up the white paint.
The images are all from The Graphics Fairy.

Can't wait to hang them!


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  1. I've been seeing these lately used to hold pictures and think it's a great look. I've been putting my catalogs right into the recycling lately so I'm not tempted. : )

  2. Haha folded that page back in my catalog too!
    Great look!

  3. What a great project -- silly people to pay those ridiculous prices, right? Love the prints!

  4. Great job!
    I've got lots of pages marked in the new catalog myself of projects to attempt!

  5. very cool is PB pic from current issue???

    would love to see larger what they did. great above window too.



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