A Sweet Little Surprise

by - July 23, 2013

My parents had a sleepover with my boys Sunday night.  My 8 year old wanted Grandma to show him how to sew.  Who is Grandma to say no?!

Lookie what was waiting for me when I went to pick them up yesterday.  A little stuffed whale!  Apparently they worked on it together just for lil ol' me.  I love it to pieces and will certainly cherish it.  I'll have to break it out when he's an old married man and remind him: look what you made for mama when you were 8 years old!


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  1. It's "sew" cute!! Your one lucky mom!

  2. That is adorable! What a cutie he is! It will be good for him to know how to sew in the years to come anyway. I'll bet Mom had a ball with that!


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