Home Goods Clearance Find

by - July 15, 2013

I'm battling a summer cold which has kept me homebound since Friday.  I finally made it out today...over to Home Goods.  I figured some retail therapy might be what the doctor ordered.  Lookie what I found on clearance:

This pretty French cloche!  It was originally $12.99 marked down to $9.  Woo hoo!  Not sure if you can see but there is a crown and some other French etchings on it.
See it now?  I love, love, love it! 
I'm already dreaming about all of the goodies I can place under it!  And for $9, it was a steal!


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  1. Great find! They are supposed to be building a new Home Goods about 5 minutes away from me. It should be ready around September and I'm look forward to having one so close again.

  2. Great find...you deserve it for being sick in the summer!


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