Tin Can Alley

by - July 03, 2013

I wasn't able to go garage sale shopping last weekend so I turned to items I had readily available for some quick makeovers.

Yup, food cans.  The big one is from a can of baked beans.  The smaller is from a can of alphabet soup (my little guy's favorite!).
It's amazing what a few coats of paint and some lovely French graphics can do to some lowly tin cans.
The images are from The Graphics Fairy, of course.  I used some waterslide decal paper again to add them to each can.  I noticed it works better on spray painted items rather than ones I've painted with chalk paint.
I filled them up with sand so I could add some of my French script candles.  I love the look and the fact that I'm recycling!  Will I ever look at tin cans the same way again?  Probably not!


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  1. Who knew tin cans could look so good?! : ) Great idea and I love them with the candles. I have two terracotta pots to paint that I got at a garage sale. That will probably be as far as my creative projects go this week!

  2. I love your can makeovers. Gorgeous!
    Anne xx

  3. It's addicting I tell you. I hae done so many projects with cans, but never done a transfer like yours. Absolutely lovely.

  4. I was looking at some tin cans yesterday and thinking I should do something with them. Yours look great - what kind of waterslide decals do you use?

  5. I love tin cans - I painted some in checks for my front porch...I also like to use them at Christmas time, so quick and easy to decorate - love the way you painted yours - so sweet!

  6. I love these cans! Can you please tell me where to buy water slide decals?


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