Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Goodwill Wood Tote Holiday Makeover

I finally got around to finishing up this wood tote I bought at Goodwill over the summer.  I had painted it red, but then it just sat and sat in the garage.  I asked my boys what they thought I should add to it.  Santa won hands down.
First I gave it like a gazillion coats of red paint.  It was originally white with silver snowflakes on it.  Try as I might, those darn snowflakes are still showing through.  Sigh!  You probably can't see them but I do.
I used some vintage Santa images to put on the front using Mod Podge.  Again, not sure if you can tell, but there is some German glass glitter on them.  It's so dreary here today that even putting it on the window sill, you still can't see the glitter.
I filled the inside with shredded sheet music and these big, round balls, ur, ornaments.  The boys love it.  I'm just glad I finally finished it.



acorn hollow said...

very cute it would look good filled with greens or pinecones too. Ok fill it up with candy and we will all be happy:)

Rainbow Gatherer said...

very cute :)
I'll be happy if you check out my blog too :)

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Very cute! I love the Santas ~ the boys made a good choice!

Rainbow Gatherer said...

thanks you for following me dear, I'm following you too ;)