Pottery Barn Knock-Off: Love Votive Candle Holders

by - 4:00 AM

I had my eyes on these since last year and now I think they are sold out. 

Image courtesy PotteryBarn.com

Pottery Barn's LOVE votive candle holders.  If I recall, they were over $40 for the set.  Wha???????  Check out my $4 DIY knock-off version.
Of course I still have to add candles to mine.  Super easy to make, though.  I used the carnival font (the one I am so clearly fond of!) from DaFont.com.  I typed them into a simple Word document.  Space them out a bit because next you're going to print them onto clear label paper.
Simply peel and stick to your votives.  You can probably trim your label paper to your liking.  I don't mind the extra showing on mine.  Up close it actually makes the glass look frosted.

Not bad for $4.  The votives are from Michael's at 99 cents a piece.  I had a coupon so they were actually even cheaper than that.  The clear label paper is about $19 for a pack of 20 sheets but since I already had some - I spent zero on that.

What do you think compared to the PB ones?  Four dollars is definitely more my speed - especially given my new year's resolution on watching my spending.


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