Faux Clocks for Xmas Tree

by - December 05, 2012

Remember these?

They've been all over Pinterest and blogland.  I had made some over the summer and thought they'd look sweet randomly stuck in our tree.
Clock #1.
Clock #2.
Clock # 3.
Clock #5.

No great skills needed for these.  I just kind of wedged them in there.  Just my speed as I'm on day 7 of my cold.


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  1. clever idea...did you adhere them to a CD or are they just on cardstock?

  2. There is a link somewhere - I think on Pinterest - where you can print out the images. Then I used spray glue to add them to some old, scratched dvds my boys had. I'll let you know if I find the link!


  3. I saved these, too, at the time they were around. I forget if I did them on old discs or cardstock. Great idea to use them as ornaments.

  4. oh so need to do some of these. have any links to the faces I can use? do you make them on CD's?

    made one 2 years ago, but no idea where it is.

    blessings...and off to bed.



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