Mmmmm...Anthropologie Angel Food Candles

by - December 27, 2012

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  I play Santa in our house which means I purchase and wrap all of the presents - even those for myself (isn't my husband lucky?!).  I only picked up a few things before the holidays for myself because I knew the after-Christmas sales would be better.  Yesterday, I took a trip to the mall to hit some sales and picked up these yummy candles from Anthropologie.

I love the ceramic jars and Frenchy feel.  And did I mention they smell delish!  Seriously, I could sniff these candles all day!
I chose the Angel Food scent - although there were 3 other flavors to choose from.  Unfortunately, they were not on sale.  Still, they make for a sweet after-Christmas gift to myself.


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  1. I wish we lived near an Anthro store...the closest is over an hour your candles!

  2. Oh, LOVE those jars! Wow, I'm pretty sure I can smell those candles just while reading the name of the scent! LOL

  3. They do have a great look, and I'm sure they smell great as well. Nice gift to yourself.

  4. Hi sweet Jeanine! Those candles look WONDERFUL!!! I bet they smell amazing too :) I've never been to an Anthro store...I'm sure I'd just fall over if I did! I hope you have a wonderful New Year sweet friend, hugs and love, Dawn


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