Thrifty Finds

by - July 30, 2013

Have you ever been to AmVets?  A friend of mine suggested I pop into one.  I'd never heard of them before but did manage to find one just a few towns away.  It's like a giant Goodwill but the proceeds benefit our veterans - which I love.  I scored a few nice finds today!

These little wire baskets were 99 cents each.
The black coat rack was originally from Home Goods.  It was $2.99.  The little wood candlesticks and wood salt shaker were also 99 cents each.

This wood tote was originally from Michael's.  I know this because I bought one with the word flourish on it and then transformed it into a Frenchy tote for my tea room.  This one was $2.99.  Not sure if you can see the ceramic jar tucked away in the tote.  I'm using that for a Frenchy makeover ala Petite Michelle Louise.

Not bad for $16 and change.


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  1. Love the baskets Jeanine! Great score today!

  2. i should check them out for sure. great finds

  3. Great finds, Jeanine. Can't wait to see what you do with the jar. French? Sounds divine!

  4. Those baskets are great! I don't know that we have one of those here, but I'm going to look it up next week and see. I've got Goodwill, Salvation Army and a hospice thrift store all along the same road just a few minutes from each other.


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