Church Fair Goodies

by - November 10, 2013

One of our local churches - literally steps away from our house - had its annual country fair yesterday.  I popped in and scored some great goodies!

I scooped up some vintage books, some ornate wine stoppers, a Santa ornament and a bag of vintage calendar pieces.  And...
A Frenchy jug (originally held chocolate malted balls) and a vintage mini muffin cutter (I'm guessing that's what it is - see it with the wood handle?). And...
Some small picture frames.  Hands down my favorite piece is...
This vintage juggling pin.  I've already given it a makeover:
It was a bit mild here yesterday so I was able to paint it black and give it a white stripe.

I spent $6 on everything.  Yes, you read that correctly!


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  1. You got some great things! How lucky that you are within walking distance. That wood handled piece might be a bulb planter. I had one at one time but it was a little bit bigger.

  2. I love a church sale you never know what you will find.
    good finds!

  3. Oh what a wonderful stash you have there! Love your transformation of the juggling pin! Looks like many bloggers were out finding vintage things yesterday, including me!

  4. Awesome finds! Love the juggling pin--so unique!

  5. Hi there! Thanks so much for leaving me a comment ... I'm pleased to 'meet' you ... I'm loving your finds ... that French jug is so gorgeous!!
    I've bookmarked you so I can spend some time looking through your blog ... I love home decor ideas ...
    Have a lovely day!


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