Of Snow Globes & Cloches

by - November 25, 2013

Brrrrrr...it's been bitterly cold here and we're waiting to hear if we're going to be hit by this crazy storm that is headed towards the East Coast.  Since the theme of the day seems to be snow, I thought I'd share some of my wintery snow globes and Christmas cloches.

I have these all about the house this year.  This one is housing a glittery church ornament I picked up at Walmart.  No, that is not dust on top of the glass.  See that chalkboard behind it?  My 6 year old was blowing chalk right before I snapped this picture.  Yes, blowing chalk.  Nice, eh? 
Some new snow globes I made last week using glass jars from our local church thrift store.  My faux snow is Epsom salt.
Mason jar snow globes from last year.  Above and below.
This cloche is hard to make out but it's holding a bottle brush tree from Home Goods and one of the altered Santa tins I did a few weeks ago.
I do this scene every year in our kitchen.  I love the play on whites and you'll notice yet another cloche holding a bird.
I'm hoping anyone in the path of the storm stays safe and warm!


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  1. They all look great! I have no idea how I'm doing my cloches for Christmas. I guess I'll figure it out once I get all the bins and boxes down from the attic.

  2. I'm really loving all of your snow globes and cloches! I need to make a snow globe myself, seems like that is the hot item in blog land this year! Love your tiny cloche, it's the cutest!!

  3. You have some darling projects going! I love your all white vignette of course. So nice that you came by for a peek at my decorating! Happy Thanksgiving!


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