Sheet Music Top Hat

by - January 11, 2013

Once again drawing inspiration from Pinterest for this little project.  I had bought a couple of paper mache-ish top hats before the holidays.  I never got around to decorating them for Xmas.  Plan B: use them for Valentine's Day!

I only have this one finished so far.  It's the bigger of the two I bought.  I used some vintage sheet music for the top and brim.  Wow, what a pain that was! 
Then I covered the sheet music in Mod Podge and just sprinkled on some glitter which is hard to see in the photos - but it's there!  The lace is actually from a shirt I bought 5 years ago from Newport News.  It was sheer and lacey and something I hadn't worn in, well, 5 years.  I snipped off some of the bottom and tied it on.
Then I added the LOVE lettering and cupid image (from Etsy).  They are not glued on, just kind of tucked in so I can reuse my hat over and over again.  I mean, Easter is early this year!

I'm still working on the smaller one - hopefully I can finish it over the weekend.


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  1. How cute, I've not seen top hats at the craft store, what a fun project! You did a great job with the sheet music, I bet it was a pain getting it to fit! And I was excited to see you using glitter:) Love the repurposed lace and other great embellishments!

  2. The hat is very romantic and super cute for Valentine's Day!

  3. What a cute idea! The hat could be "dressed up" for a number of different occasions. Love glitter and lace on almost anything. Shannon

  4. What a lovely idea. The lace is gorgeous and I love the vintage sheet music paper.
    Anne xx

  5. Lovin' this idea so much! Your work is so inspiring!

    Have a wonderful week



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