Metal Stars

by - October 27, 2012

Hurricane Sandy is on it's way to New York.  I figure I better get some posts in before we lose power.  With Hurricane Irene in 2011, we went 6 days without power.  Ack!  Fingers crossed, it won't be as bad as they are predicting.  Yesterday, I ran a bunch of errands to prep for the storm and popped into Ikea.  I picked up this four-pack of little metal stars.

So petite that three easily fit into this vintage Jello mold.  I created the little banners using this font from  Have you been there?  They have the coolest fonts.  Ever! 
I just saved this carnival-inspired one to my computer and printed out "noel," "peace" and "joy."  I cut the paper into banners, distressed them a bit and used Glue Dots to place them on the front of each star.
A really quick and cheap project.  The set of 4 was $3.99 at Ikea.  The paper, ink and font were free.  And now I have some cute little holiday stars for my Xmas tree or I might just keep them in the Jello mold.

To everyone else in the path of Sandy, please be safe!


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