Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Thrifty Finds

Have you ever been to AmVets?  A friend of mine suggested I pop into one.  I'd never heard of them before but did manage to find one just a few towns away.  It's like a giant Goodwill but the proceeds benefit our veterans - which I love.  I scored a few nice finds today!
These little wire baskets were 99 cents each.
The black coat rack was originally from Home Goods.  It was $2.99.  The little wood candlesticks and wood salt shaker were also 99 cents each.

This wood tote was originally from Michael's.  I know this because I bought one with the word flourish on it and then transformed it into a Frenchy tote for my tea room.  This one was $2.99.  Not sure if you can see the ceramic jar tucked away in the tote.  I'm using that for a Frenchy makeover ala Petite Michelle Louise.

Not bad for $16 and change.


Monday, July 29, 2013

Upcycled Scale Bucket

Remember the scale bucket I picked up over the weekend at a garage sale?!  Here it is with its new makeover.
First, I gave it a few coats of flat white spray paint.  Then I printed off this great French grains image from The Graphics Fairy onto waterslide decal paper.  I added it once the paint was dry and am loving it!
It's just how I imagined it would turn out.  It was calling for some lavender.  Lucky for me, I have a few bunches lying around.
And here it is hanging in my tea room.

It's the perfect height for when I walk in and am greeted by the delicious scent of lavender.

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tipping the Scales

I was only able to hit two garage sales this morning.  But they were well worth it.  The word of the day for me is definitely: scale.
This beauty has a little history behind it.  The owner said it came from the 56th Fighter Group - a great old bar and grill in Farmingdale, Long Island. 
Sadly it closed not too long ago.  I was happy to grab a piece of it's history.
I don't where the rest of this scale is but I love the bucket piece.  And for $1, it was definitely coming home with me.
I'm already in the process of giving it a makeover.


Friday, July 26, 2013

Scenes from the Tea Room

If you've been following me for a while, you know we converted our former greenhouse into a girlie tea room.  It's the one room where no boys are allowed!
It houses a lot of garage sale finds and craft projects. 
And things that boys just don't understand.
But that's okay because every mom/wife needs a little escape once in a while.
It gets super hot in the summer, but in the fall it's the perfect retreat.
No phone, no internet, no tv.
Paradise by the backyard lights.
Thanks for sharing this mini tour with me.


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bigger Than a Bread Box

Or is it a milk tin?!  Whatever you call it, I picked this up at Home Goods a few years ago.  We used to have it on our porch but it didn't quite fit with my beachy decor, so off to the shed it went.
I dug it out yesterday to give it a Frenchie makeover.
This seriously took four coats of white spray paint to cover.  Holy moly, I was in a cloud of white "smoke."
Once the paint was dry, I printed out some wonderful French graphics (found on Pinterest) onto waterslide decal paper.  Gave them a few coats of clear spray paint and placed them on the front and two sides.
Oodles better now! 
For now it's sitting in my tea room until I find a more permanent home for it.


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Sweet Little Surprise

My parents had a sleepover with my boys Sunday night.  My 8 year old wanted Grandma to show him how to sew.  Who is Grandma to say no?!
Lookie what was waiting for me when I went to pick them up yesterday.  A little stuffed whale!  Apparently they worked on it together just for lil ol' me.  I love it to pieces and will certainly cherish it.  I'll have to break it out when he's an old married man and remind him: look what you made for mama when you were 8 years old!


Sunday, July 21, 2013

I Tried It!

I found a "recipe" on Pinterest for "aging" metal.  It sounded easy enough so I decided to give it a go on some metal clips I picked up at Hobby Lobby.
The one on the left is the "aged" one and the one on the right is a regular one.
This photo might be better!  Huge difference, right?!  All you do for the aged look is use some sandpaper on the piece you want to age.  I scuffed mine in random places.  Then add to a cup of equal parts bleach and vinegar (do this outside as the fumes are noxious).  I left mine in for a few hours, rinsed a few times and then let bake in the sun.  I'm loving the look!
And speaking of loving new looks, this is the muffin tin I picked up on Friday.  After a few coats of white paint, it's the perfect organizer for my craft room.  And here's the petite frame I also picked up from the thrift store.
I have it hanging in the tea room.  I'm using small frames to cover up the gaps in the wood.  I gave it a few coats of white paint and switched out the old photo for this great Eiffel Tower one.

No garage sales this weekend for me.  I just didn't want to brave the heat.  Linking to The Creative Home & Garden Hop.


Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday's Thrifty Finds

Popped into the local church thrift store this morning with my little guy.  He picked out a bunch of cute things like a cat puzzle, and I came home with...
A little cupcake tray which I'm painting white to add to my craft room.
This pretty little frame was 50 cents.  The chess pieces are quite unique.  They are religious statues.  My 8 year old wants to stake his claim but I'll probably end up using them for decorative purposes.

Not bad for $4 on yet another sweltering summer day.


Thursday, July 18, 2013

I'mmmmmmm Melting

It's so hot here this week, nothing much to do but crank the AC up and dip in the pool.
This weather is definitely not conducive for creativity - especially when even spray paint cans are hot to the touch and chalk paint seems a bit chunky.
So you stay indoors and try to work on mini projects that won't leave you in a puddle of sweat.  At least that's what my week has been like.


Monday, July 15, 2013

Home Goods Clearance Find

I'm battling a summer cold which has kept me homebound since Friday.  I finally made it out today...over to Home Goods.  I figured some retail therapy might be what the doctor ordered.  Lookie what I found on clearance:
This pretty French cloche!  It was originally $12.99 marked down to $9.  Woo hoo!  Not sure if you can see but there is a crown and some other French etchings on it.
See it now?  I love, love, love it! 
I'm already dreaming about all of the goodies I can place under it!  And for $9, it was a steal!


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Quickie French Canisters

After looking at a bunch of Where Bloggers Create posts, I decided it was time for me to get more organized.  My craft room doubles as an office, so I am a little limited to the spacing and shelves I can use.  I try to use as many baskets, canisters and penny jars as I can.
I took this Williams Sonoma sugar cookie tin out yesterday and gave it a couple of coats of white spray paint.  The cookie mix was long gone and it was the perfect size for an instant transformation.
I added this great French label from the Graphics Fairy to the front.  I printed it off on label paper so all I had to do was peel and stick.  And look what it holds perfectly...
...A whole lotta seam binding!
I've used this jar before for a Marie Antoinette makeover.  Since the original image kept peeling off, I scrapped it for this great French post card image (also from the Graphics Fairy). 
Since I'm not sure what I'm adding to it, I left the label blank.  I'll probably end up hand-stamping the word of whatever I fill it with.

I'm slowly on the road to organization.  Maybe by next year's Where Bloggers Create party, I'll be ready!

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Before & After: Fleur de Lis Candle Holders

I'm not sure where I picked up these fleur de lis candle holders.  I believe it was a couple of years ago at Big Lots.  Anywho, the candles got a little icky and wouldn't light anymore.
The glass has a kind of iridescent glow to it.  A little boring if you ask me so I got busy preparing for a quickie makeover.  After removing all of the gross wax, I gave each a couple of coats of flat white spray paint.
And here they are now!  Sooooooo much better and more my style.
I gave one a Paris address tag tied on with twine.  The other has some French book paper.
And a tag and French clothes pin.
I love the milky white color now.  They almost look ceramic.

I think they still make for some nice candle holders, but wouldn't they be cute to hold office pens, plants, etc.?!


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Little Bit of This, Little Bit of That

Just a few random pieces I worked on earlier this week. 
I bought these spice jars a couple of weeks ago at a garage sale.  Now they are all dressed up in their Frenchy best.
Another upcycled garage/estate sale find.  I have a larger one I'm also working on.
Tea, anyone?  Love this stamp from Hobby Lobby.  Also used it on some glassine sacks.

Hoping to hit some more sales tomorrow!


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Junkin' Finds

We had a lot of fun junkin' in Winchester over the weekend (even though it was 100 degrees).  Here's what I grabbed while we were there.
Love these vintage tags!
The flower frog was only $5 which I thought was a steal and the iron foot form was only $3.  I'd never seen an iron one before.  I have two wood ones in the house so this was a nice find.  Plan on using it as a doorstop.
My husband can't figure out why I grabbed this pulley.  I just couldn't pass it up for $5.  I'm sure I'll figure something out.
Lots of sheet music.  This whole stack was 79 cents.  Woo hoo!

We were going to try and hit some garage sales there too but we were all pooped out after the flea market and the heat.