Beachy Makeover for Porch

by - April 09, 2013

We spend a lot of time on our porch in the summer.  This year, I wanted to give it more of a beachy theme...for not a lot of money.  I'm giving myself a $100 budget to work with.  Here's what we have so far.

This boat oar is from Home Goods.  I bought two of them a couple of years ago. They've been hanging by our garage/patio area.  Total cost: $0 as I already had it.
This lanterns are from the Pottery Barn outlet.  I picked them up about 5 years ago.  Again moved them from the backyard to the porch.  They need to be cleaned up a bit and candles added.  $0.
Nevermind this table.  It's getting an ASCP makeover this week.  I just ordered Louis Blue which I think will look pretty and work for a beach theme.  The lantern/starfish/candle - already had.  The sea urchin was blue but I gave it a fresh coat of red paint.  $0 for that too.  The seahorse is from the Christmas Tree Shops.  I spent $9.99 for it.  Down to $90 now.
Starfish also from the Christmas Tree Shops - from 2 years ago.   Need some freshing up.  Now here's what I want:
From  It's $34 but I'm trying to talk my Dad into making a wood whale for me.
This cute crab pillow is from  I believe it's $15.
Another fab pillow.  This one is from White Apple Designs.  In the $15 range as well.
Doorstop from  It's $10 and I love, love, love it!

Wish me luck as this will likely be a long work in progress given my budget.


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  1. It looks like you're off to a great start! I'm sure Dad will make you one of those whales. It looks like a nice big size, too.

  2. Cute stuff! I've also had my eye on the little whale doorstep, it's adorable:)

  3. You are off to a great start and will soon have a fabulous, beach themed porch.
    Love the blue whale!!


  4. Very cute start and the possibilities are endless with this theme!


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