Porch Table ASCP Makeover

by - April 16, 2013

Haven't had too much time for crafting/blogging over the last few days.  My hubby's been in the hospital since Friday night.  Sigh!  I was able to makeover this little porch table Friday afternoon and take pics of it this morning.  Here's the before:

Yuck!  Not even sure how to describe the previous color other than to say "U-G-L-Y, you don't need no alibi, you ugly!"  And here it is after a few coats of ASCP in Louis Blue:
Love, love, love it now!  Works so much better for my porch beach theme now.  Did I ever tell you I paid $7 for the table at a garage sale like 5 years ago?!
And I'm happy to report that my Dad is working on making a wood whale for me like the one I previously posted about.  Thanks Dad!
One more peek.  Love the shade so much that I'm going to use it on a corner cabinet in our diningroom too!  Wish me luck on that job.  I've never painted anything bigger than a chair.  Doh!


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  1. Looks much better and perfect for your beach theme! Hoping your husband is feeling better!


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