Marie Antoinette Paper Doll

by - April 28, 2013

I used to love playing with paper dolls when I was little.  I used to make my own by cutting the models out of my Mom's Spiegel catalog (remember Spiegel?????).  This one I found on Pinterest and couldn't resist!

I printed the template out onto cardstock and cut each part out.  Then I used some brads so her arms and legs would be moveable.  I hand-stamped the Paris on, and added a little bling.
She's really sweet and I would have loved to play with her when I was little.  For now, she's just kind of hanging out.


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  1. That is adorable! You did a great job! Yes, I totally remember Spiegel! I bought an armoire from the catalog in 1991 and I still have it, although it's been appliqued and painted white since then:)

  2. I LOVE HER and I like paper dolls also

    would love to have a french gal for a paper doll

  3. Hi, I did the same thing and with the Sears and Roebuck catalog also. I am 77 so I remember the catalogs. Very similar to what we have with the internet now.Great idea.


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