Goodwill Finds

by - April 23, 2013

Super excited by this morning's Goodwill finds.  The last few times I've gone, I've come out empty-handed.  Not today!

Excuse the photos.  It's a dark, dreary, COLD day here yet again.  Anywho, how cute is the little lantern?  It was half price so it was 85 cents.  The beeswax candle is getting tossed; I just wanted the little crate.  The metal urn will be first up in the makeover department.
I love this little flower basket.  I'll be ditching the flowers though and keeping the basket.
This tall candlestick is definitely  getting a chalk paint makeover and probably a Frenchy touch or two.
My favorite piece is this hand mirror.  It's actually missing the mirror.
But that's fine by me!  I'm thinking of adding a Marie Antoinette image or Victorian lady with some bling.

Not a bad haul for $18 total!


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  1. I know you live on Long Island, as I do, but I never found a Goodwill with great things like you found!

    I saw your comment over at BNOTP about living near Glen Cove.

    I grew up in Huntington, but we live in Southampton now.
    And yes, it sure is a cold , nasty raw day here.

  2. You found some great things! I found a lantern at my visit a couple of weeks ago that I'm going to paint up, too. Just waiting to get outside to spray it.

  3. Great finds! Love the mirror. Your idea for it sounds great!!

  4. Great finds sweetie.
    love that white stand.


  5. I love all of these! What great finds. I saw on someone's blog recently where they used old hand mirrors and brushes (with the brush part gone)to make great wall hangings by placing images inside and jewels or other pretties surrounding the image.


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